Younger, Thinner, Smoother | 2000

51 minutes
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Younger, Thinner, Smoother puts the current plastic surgery craze into a social and historical context. When 80 year olds look like 60 year olds and 60 year olds look like 40 year olds, what will it mean to be old and what will old look like? Sher's personal journey leads to candid interviews with men and women who have been "nipped and tucked" (and their doctors) to decide should she or shouldn't she?

KQED TV San Francisco, California
KQED TV San Francisco, California
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Festivals and Screenings
Docside Film Festival, San Antonio, Texas
Western Psychological Assoc. Convention
Golden Shower Film & Video Festival, San Antonio, Texas
Arizona Int’l Film Festival, Tucson, Arizona
Bare Bones Int’l Film Festival, Oklahoma Grand Jury Award
Dallas Video Festival, Texas
Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois
Exploratorium, San Francisco, California

"Veteran documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Sher deftly skewers American's obsession with cosmetic surgery....Her ability to poke fun at society at her own expense is, well, eye-opening. Highly recommended and sure to be popular." A. Conti, Video Librarian (reviewing Sher’s documentary Younger, Thinner, Smoother)