weezie temp.jpg

WEEZIE: still Cookin at 96

a 30 min. documentary by
Elizabeth Sher & Maggie Simpson Adams

KitchenAid whirring almond paste and butter, sweet Maui onions caramelizing in a sauce pan, broccoli florets roasting in the oven.  At the center of the storm stands Weezie Mott, still a teacher and chef at 96, carefully placing lemon marinated shrimp with currants and pine nuts into delicate Chinese soup spoons.

Alameda treasure Weezie Mott still teaches kids and adults at her international cooking school held in her kitchen. Living on her own in the home she shared with Howard, her husband of 67 years, she regularly travels to New York to see plays and, of course, take cooking classes.  European travel always includes sampling the local foods and wines, opera and yes, cooking classes. 

With energy to burn Weezie keeps a full schedule with book clubs, theater and restaurants.  And before she discovered her love of cooking she drove an ambulance in WWII and taught nursing at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland.

Everyone loves Weezie
and you will too!