Unspoken Thoughts

Edition E.V.  of 6

Accordion Fold book. Digital images, drawing, collage and text, printed on Crane Textured Fine Art 225 GSM, with Ultrachrome K3 Archival Ink and lithography inks. Printing and Folio Electric Arts. 12" x 10" x .25"

Those self-indulgent thoughts you beat yourself up with when you are feeling down. Things you know you either cannot or will not change. You don’t want to say them out loud because, after all, life is pretty good and this mood will pass.  As these thoughts are often hidden, I have buried the words under layers of exuberant marks and color. Life is beautiful and dark, challenging and fun, complex and simple. Unspoken Thoughts - an homage and a metaphor.  What is on your list?