Juggling | 1982


14 minutes
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Former punk rocker Sue Mutant as a photographer trying to balance career and motherhood.

Tucson Women's Cable Consortium Festival, AZ – Experimental Video Award, Cat.
Video Festival & Cablefest, Montreal, Canada
"Image Union”, Channel 11, Chicago, IL
"Frontal Exposure” KQED-TV, San Francisco, CA

Festivals and Screenings
Film Culture Center, Hong Kong
Video Marathon, Copenhagen, Denmark
Video Festival, Gottenberg, Sweden
Atlanta Film and Video festival, GA, Cat.

"Film as Art - the Woman's Perspective," University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, Cat.
Video Valley, Napa, CA
 San Francisco International Film & Video Festival, CA, Cat.
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI Cat.
Festival of American Cinema, Milan, Italy

Athens International Film & Video Festival, Athens, OH Cat.
Women In Film III Festival, presented by the American Film Institute, Kennedy Center, Wash., D.C.
Women in the Director's Chair, Chicago, IL,
  Best Short Cat.
Big Muddy Film Festival, IL
 Mill Valley Film & Video Festival, Mill Valley, CA, Cat.
San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival, CA                                                                                                                                       
Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland
Montbeliard International Film festival, France
Mill Valley Film Festival, CA
Bay Area Filmmakers Focus, Featured Artist
Hong Kong International Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival, CA