I.V. Magazine Volume 3 | 1986

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The 1986 edition of I.V. Magazine brings you "information for people who can take it straight." but can you?

Tripod Jimi's "Famous Dogs That I Have Known"
Fantasy Transmission
If the Shoe Fits
Arina Isaacson
Anton Gintner
Find It
Be a Winner
MacDonna and much, much more.

Festivals and Screenings
Video Free America , San Francisco, CA

>> "More than you ever wanted from your home entertainment center." Damage Magazine
>> "Elizabeth Sher wants to give it to you straight...that is, a mad glance at the fringes of society. Some of her segments would be at home on Evening Magazine, others would get the station's license revoked!" Berkeley Gazette
>> "Clever and witty and, like the rest of her work, infused with arch satire." San Francisco Examiner