I.V. Magazine Volume 1 | 1984

60 minutes
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Too Young 
Flipper's "Brainwash"
Living at Risk
Community Service
John King
Wash It
My Mom's a Cop
Check Up
Hawaiian Hideaway and much, much more.

Festivals and Screenings
Video Free America, San Francisco, CA

Wide ranging pastiche of interviews, humor, satire and music - without the Orwellian 1984 white-bread blandness of mainstream TV magazines.

>> "What gives I.V. Magazine it's punch is the way Sher's real people seem almost too real. Even her documentary segments have a satiric edge." Oakland Tribune
>> "I.V. Magazine is the perfect comeback for the white bread blandness of mainstream magazine-format efforts." Video Trends
>> "Sometimes funny, often sad and always flavored with the absurd, I.V.Magazine traces the cutting-edge of society wherever it can find it." Arts & Entertainment