The installations often comment and expand on my films, and through their interactivity amplify the emphatic relationship between viewer and subject.


Created by Sher and Brooke Holve for "Keeping an Eye on Surveillance," Performance Gallery, San Francisco, CA, looks at the lack of privacy in our post 9-11 world from inside the psyche.  The sense that we are always being watched creates paranoia and affects our sense of self.    We seem to be living in a paranormal or alternative world more akin to science fiction which has turned upside down our Pre-911 existence.  You are Never Alone!  

Low Flow

Noticing a huge algae bloom in the Russian River, Sher and Brooke Holve went down to the water and filmed. Ducks were swimming through algae that floated on the surface of the water. After culling sheets of it to dry, the algae was subsequently sewn, printed on, and made part of a video installation for In Material at Quicksilver Mine Gallery, Forestville, CA 2011.


Remembering Alma Remembering

A Narrative Installation at Oliver Art Center, CCA, Oakland, CA. Viewers Interact with audio and stills creating their own timeline as they listen to 3 audio excerpts and view images taken from Alma's Jazzy Marriage.

Not Vanity

Painted vanity with video and objects and 2 - 24 x 30¨ Iris Prints, Installation at Oliver Art Center, CCAC, Oakland, CA. Sitting on a faux cushion in front of a faux marble topped painted vanity, a viewer watches a 7 minute trailer for Sher's 60 min. film Younger, Thinner, Smoother

Four Installations from the 1980s

Community Service - Phone sex on the first video phone, Oliver Art Gallery, CCA, Oakland, CA
Medusa Me, Oliver Art Gallery, CCA, Oakland, CA
Pentimento, Addison Storefront Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Media Heads, Marshall Fields windows, Chicago, IL