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Meet Penny Cooper – trailblazer, celebrated criminal defense trial attorney, art collector, philanthropist and all around “fabulous” (her favorite word) trailbrazing woman.   30 minute documentary by Elizabeth Sher

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Super successful Indiegogo Campaign – we more than reached our goal to get PENNY out to community groups, orgs and schools to inspire the next generation of ground breakers.   You can still donate to help us do an even better outreach. If you have contacts or ideas please send to




BAM/PFA Screening


Upcoming November 6 - Screening and Panel - Boalt Hall, Berkeley Law School

Screening Sept 7 at BAM/PFA - cast/crew/donor celebration and screening was an SRO event – thanks to all who helped make it a success and of course to our cast, crew and donors – and most of all to Penny Cooper without whom there would be no film.   Everyone wished the film was longer which I take as a huge compliment.

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PENNY reviewed on BlogTalk Radio. Listen here. Excerpts from the Show:

"Elizabeth Sher is an amazing visual artist and PENNY is extremely well edited.  The film is like a good book, it's a page turner!  You are glued to it.   She creates a strong connection between Penny Cooper and the audience in the first 2 minutes.  Keep watching thorugh the credits roll or you will miss another great story while they roll."   Carole Dean, From the Heart Productions"

"Penny Cooper's strong sense of humor reminds me of the late Ann Richards, former Governor of Texas".   Don Schwartz, author Telling Their Own Stories: Conversations with Documentary Filmmakers

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