Island Visit

Cuba has a great system for kids and elderly – 99% literacy, good safety net & health, but in between advancement is tough.   Socialism provides but the people are definitely not over burdened by choice (like us) – one kind of each thing - one choice of cookie, one choice of crackers, etc..  But everyone is out and about shopping and eating mediocre food in the gov't restaurants and snack bars and being wonderfully social as only Cubanas can be. Fuster’s Watts-Tower-Nikki-de-St-Phalle’s extravaganza.

The Pink Panther - 1951 Dodge with Mercedes engine, BMW brakes and partial dodge transmission – everyone a mechanic by necessity.

IMG_1254 Home of Compay Segundo

rush hour Rush Hour

fidel clancey Fidel Clancey and his dad

two dogs Everyone has at least two dogs, and very few cats.

billboard No Marketing – just a few Revolutionary billboards

Sunday in Callejon de Hamel Sunday at Callejon de Hamel with art by Salvador Gonzales