New York Art

Just spent a week long art blitz in NYC. Always inspiring - especially the museums. Nice sync between Picasso guitar show at MOMA and Guitar Heros at the Met. Lower Eastside is happening and galleries are open on Sunday! Frosch & Portman up and coming. New Museum Condo, Benglis and The Hub, Laurie Simmons dolls, in Chelsea could not wait the 3 hours to see the Clock - maybe should not have waited until the last day of the show :). Tara Donovan at Pace - whole lotta pins, Morgan's library redone and open - has many "from the school ofs" - hmmmm. Hopper always a treat. Much to mull over, chew over, think over as soon as I get my show in Forestville at Quicksilver Mine Co. installed. Read Patti Smith "Just Kids" on the plane - fabulous.