Bed of Verbs

Edition E.V. of 2
Artist Book with Clamshell: digital prints on Moab Entrada 190 and metal coated papers. 5.25" x 9.75" x 1"  (closed clamshell box) Made in collaboration with Brooke Holve

I travelled to Iceland with artist Brooke Holve for an artist residency during the summer of 2012. We were awed by what we saw; the geologic wonders and phantasmal forms gave us a glimpse of what the earth might have been like in its beginnings and Bed of Verbs is our collaborative result. Iceland was a “land of the verb” with underground rumblings randomly spewing out steam, lava and rocks through pockets in the earth. A land of forces not seen with verbs to describe it: burns, chills, churns, coils, cracks, crusts, cuts, erupts, oozes, pads, posts, roots, scalds, scrape, spews, sprays, steams.