Arbres arrencats d'ametheles (Uprooted Almond Trees)

With poetry  by Maw Shein Win
Edition of 6
Archival ink on Moab Entrada Natural rag paper, leather, wood, hand printed paper.   Binding by John DeMerritt. 8" x 6.5" x 1"

The genesis of this book project was an artist residency at Can Serrat International Center near Barcelona, Spain. Sher  spent a month there in April 2010 and the poet Maw Shein Win spent the month of July there in 2009. As they compared their experiences they became aware of their common interest in the upturned almond tree roots in a field just behind the residency property. Sher  made detailed drawings of these roots which she later abstracted to their essense.   Win’s poetry was inspired by them. When they met and discussed their experiences at Can Serrat they found that for each of them the roots were both aesthetically and metaphorically compelling.   In today's globalization, how do we hold on to our roots?