10 Views of Mt Doggie

Edition of 10
Archival ink on rice paper, digitally enhanced woodcuts mounted on 100% rag paper bound into a cloth covered book.  John DeMerritt bookbinding. 11" x 14"x1".

10 Views of Mt. Doggie honors the venerable tradition of such art historical giants as Monet's Views of Rouen Cathedral and Haystacks; Picasso's Las Maninas series; and most particularly Hokusai's 36 Views of Mt. Fuji. Experiencing a subject over time or from different perspectives offers the artist a chance for deeper involvement with and celebration of it. Mt. Doggie is seen against the backdrop of both the town and Gehry Museum at Bilbao. Like Rouen Cathedral, this has become a holy pilgrimage for artists and art appreciators since it opened 15 years ago.  Each view reconsiders the woodcut process in the 21st century, combining handwork and digital technology.